Analyzing old spice

Perhaps this is what makes this Old Spice campaign so complex and effective.

In other words, ads began to look so alike and be so similar that viewers simply tuned them out and the commercials blurred together until they were forgotten as space between real television content.

Either smoothly stated by a handsome man approaching in a bar or tauntingly shouted out of the window of a speeding car full of teenage guys, this common statement, whether out of Analyzing old spice or disgust, immediately grabs the attention of many women.

This speaks directly to the audience in acknowledging the commercial culture that we are constantly bombarded with.

The women watching want him and the men want to be him. With this humorous creative spin the ad, therefore the entire Old Spice product, is moving towards a young fresh, humorous look appealing to their broad audience of men and women.

Branding was especially important for Old Spice because deodorant and body wash are fairly common and basic; there are many different kinds and brands that are out there, that all do generally the same thing and smell relatively the same.

They created almost a mascot out of him, letting him represent the company in the ads and out of them. He dives from the mountain, into water, appearing to swim through it, only for it to be revealed as a fishtank, which passes as the camera rotates to reveal Mustafa lying on his side in white slacks on top of a piano in a lavish living room.

He then walks over to a Komodo dragon and pulls open its back to reveal a cooler containing ice cream. It blends the use of luxury items and settings with the idea of construction, with falling backgrounds, slide-in props, etc.

He asks the women watching to look at their man. While an advertisement detailing how effective Old Spice is would be useful, it would get lost and overlooked in the midst of over ads which push for a specific idea.

The Man Your Man Could Smell Like

Footage of rehearsals of the ad begin with the log-rolling, suggesting that the opening beach segment may include separately shot or computer-generated elements.

With the Old Spice Man embracing this stereotypical ideal, the motive is to appeal to the women and have them relate this manliness to the use of the product therefore enforcing the men in their life to use the Old Spice body wash. If she has a true man then the options are endless; she will magically have whatever she desires.

In all of the ads in this campaign, Mustafa is either seen with some luxury item or in a luxury setting. Instead of trying to compete with other, younger brands, Old Spice created its own market and in doing so revolutionized the way in which body wash and deodorant would be advertised to consumers.

Despite its attempts to Analyzing old spice different by making fun of our ideals, the campaign still conformed to certain societal norms and in a way reinforced them.

Old Spice is a prime example of how an advertising campaign can change or make a company. The branding of the product line revolves around different world locations. Mustafa begins at a shower station on the beach. Unlike the previous commercials, which were shot outdoors, "Scent Vacation" was shot on a soundstage.

Again, there are three main ways in which Old Spice developed their product identity, according to Leiss: By establishing a connection to the women by off the back addressing them directly and continuously asking them to participate by looking certain ways and at certain things, the women feel in the moment.

It features Mustafa in a rowboat pulling off a "fake" mustache, and then "pulling off" the newly revealed skin to reveal another moustache. Old Spice recognized the time around the Superbowl as a time full of highly viewed, at times bizarre, but desired ads.

The commercial is crafty in its approach as it shows that women will be benefiting from their man using the product. This led to a poll as to which spokesman viewers preferred.

They want this fantasy.Analyzing Ads: Gender Details Written by Angela Eward-Mangione, Emma Brown, and When analyzing an ad in terms of gender, it is certainly important to identify the ad's intended audience.

Old Spice "Questions" commercial: Old Spice commercial: Examples: Ads promoting products for women. Analyzing Old Spice Advertisements these days use many different techniques in order to sell a product.

The Old Spice Company uses several methods to. Feb 04,  · We're not saying this body wash will make your man smell like a romantic millionaire jet fighter pilot, but we are insinuating it.

The campaign is also commonly referred to as The Man Your Man Could Smell Like, being the title of the campaign's initial second commercial. The campaign was initially launched to market Old Spice's Red Zone After Hours Body Wash, but has subsequently been expanded to include other products following the success of the initial.

Old Spice Ad Analysis Intended Audience: In watching this ad it is obvious to me that the intended audience for this ad is of course women. Old Spice was original produced by the Shulton Company in with its first product introduced in Although its first product was a woman’s fragrance, the.

Analyzing old spice
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