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The bond of the native people with the mountain is ancient and unbreakable. He could feel the motion pushing out of the damp earth into the sunshine—the yellow spotted snake, the first to emerge, carrying Ceremony quotes message on his back to the people.

Furthermore, it is an event that will affect the whole world, for everything is interconnected. Not only for your sake, but for this fragile world. Nothing was all good Ceremony quotes all bad either; it all depended.

It was there that Tayo began to understand what Josiah had said.

Ceremony Quotes

It would be better to have a ceremony. He feels at one with everything around him. The creatures, like the snake, share the world and give their messages to people. He wants to make it in the outside world as a college football star.

It was a world alive, always changing and moving. Important Quotations Explained 1 Jungle rain had no beginning or end; it grew like foliage from the sky, branching and arching to the earth, sometimes in solid thickets entangling the islands, and, other times, in tendrils of blue mist curling out of coastal clouds.

Tayo got to his knees slowly and held out his hand. Not only can the rain, so desperately prayed for on the desert reservation, be as bad as it is good, so also can whites, so detrimental to the Native American customs, also be an integral element in the ceremony that cures Tayo and his community.

One of the most important lessons Tayo learns in the course of the novel is that everything has both its positive and its negative aspects.

It is the people who belong to the mountain. They are all sacred, part of his religion and everyday experience. Josiah initiated Tayo into Native American cosmology and also into the need to adapt to the ever-changing world, with the help of simple age-old lessons such as this one.

He has the power now to make stories come true. It is not a private consideration, because everyone is a part of the whole tribe, and the tribe will suffer if he does not get well. Tayo does not understand the lesson; he only begins to understand it.

It will take the rest of the novel for Tayo to come to a full comprehension of the intricate interrelations of all things. It is important to all of us.

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The jungle breathed an eternal green that fevered men until they dripped sweat the way rubbery jungle leaves dripped the monsoon rain. Although this lesson is stated within the first fifteen pages of the story, its wording is key.Everything you ever wanted to know about quotes about Ceremony, written by experts with you in mind.

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From the creators of SparkNotes. 32 quotes have been tagged as ceremony: Muriel Barbery: ‘When tea becomes ritual, it takes its place at the heart of our ability to see greatness in smal. 50 Quotes About Love and Marriage By: Jenna Hastings Writing your own vows is a popular (and beautiful) way to personalize your ceremony, but sometimes, finding the right words can be tricky.

Ceremony quotes
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