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No bumps appeared in the Evolution dial.

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The photo shows the dial after the last matte coat was dry. The date window has been filled with steel-filled epoxy.

Hole punch

The Orient and Alpha dials both had applied indices and numerals, and the Orient also had a date window frame. Once I was nearly down to bare metal, I switched to progressively finer grits to produce a reasonably smooth finish.

I saved these parts for possible use in future projects. A quick and rough test is to measure an object of known size. Needless to say, I learned from this mistake. This allows custom paper hole punches punch and artwork to be viewed from all sides to ensure it is centered before pressing down to punch the hole.

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After determining the required dimensions by measuring the existing dial and case, I wrote a program to generate a dpi TIFF image reproduced above at a lower resolution.

I copied them onto overhead transparency film, then cut them. The guides help keep the paper in a straight line. More than just event stationery printing — high quality corporate printing too While we do specialise in high-quality event stationery printing, our talented designers can create all kinds of eye-catching corporate stationery and brochures too.

Laying out the triangular index. Perfect for a personalised gift. There is no longer enough height available to install the hour hand without it dragging on the dial, and the misalignment of the movement with the crown tube in the case would make the crown difficult or impossible to operate, and also compromise its water resistance.

But if you really care about accuracy, you should of course validate the printout against a high-quality ruler. I started with medium grit paper to remove most of the base coat quickly. One last issue to address was hand clearance and movement installation depth.

The Alpha dial on the other hand was stripped clean by the acetone. The students love them. None of my designs called for a date window, but the Orient dial had one, which needed to be filled in. Whether using home-made lume or the commercial product, the steps for making the individual indices are the same.

Commercial dials are usually made by pad printing markings on top of a lacquer or enamel background, a process requiring specialized skills, equipment, and inks.

When I was happy with the alignment, it was time to clamp the artwork in place until the epoxy cured. The odds of this happening can be reduced by thoroughly vacuuming the area in which you will be working, and by minimizing air circulation by closing windows, doors, and heating vents.

The dark red transparent base colour was left completely untouched. The dimple is virtually invisible after about 20 light coats of matte acrylic lacquer. The artwork is then placed on a hardwood block and the punch lowered until it is almost touching. The hands come next, starting with the hour hand.Find great deals on eBay for custom paper punch.

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This fun and easy craft punch creates crisp, perfectly shaped cutouts that are great for decorating cards, scrapbook pages, party favors, or custom gift tags. A hole punch (also known as a hole puncher) most commonly refers to an office tool that is used to create holes in sheets of paper, often for the purpose of collecting the sheets in a binder or folder.

The term can also refer to tools of different construction from one designed for paper, such as a those used for leather goods (generally called a leather.

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Custom paper hole punches
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