Easy duct tape projects

There are many duct tape craft ideas that you can apply to create something unique that you and your family can enjoy. Fold Fabric Sides Time to clean up! I made our dragon eye with more yellow — so fierce! In this article, we will discuss six of our favorites, with varying degrees of difficulty.

Assemble Main Wallet Compartment Grab your original big duct tape rectangle the blue one for us and fold it in half lengthwise, hotdog style!

Create teeth shape by making diagonal cuts with scissors. Lap It Up Take each strip and overlap it horizontally over the strip above it. SewLG September 6th I found that cutting all of the tape prior to starting really helped.

This will help create a strong base for our duct tape wallet.

Duct Tape Crafts

Key Wristlet Misplacing your keys is easy, which is why a handy wristlet can make all the difference in the world.

Create a neat top seam for both pockets by adding another strip of tape to one side what will eventually be the top side of each pocket. Also, when you pull the tape from the roll it stretches a bit.

Materials 12 inches of duct tape; and a key ring. Whichever, I free handed this because uneven scales add visual interest and personality.

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Make a loop with the resulting strip and put it through the key ring, then secure everything into place with another piece of duct tape. Place sticky side up on your cutting mat. Place a strip of teeth colored tape like my yellow ones below with the stick side facing up. I was doing a form for my not too patient teenager.

I created my own dress form out of paper tape. The foam had room to expand inwards into the paper and outwards into the shell. Overlap tape strips until fabric is at least 6 inches.

Customize your DIY hammock using the duck tape colors of your choice. Use black tape and black and white photos for super cool, super modern and super cheap DIY wall art.The Best Duct Tape Projects Easy Free Download.

These free woodworking plans will help the beginner all the way up to the expert craft. Filed Under: Duct Tape Crafts Tagged With: Art, Duct Tape Projects, Flowers, Gifts, Kids Crafts, Rose, Wedding 8 DIY Duct Tape Wallets with.

At Duct Tape Crafts - We provide you new and easy DIY duct tape projects and tutorials. DIY duct tape wallet, duct tape flowers, dress and uses ideas. How to make, DIY duct tape ideas are easy and quick projects for Home, garden, kids and more.

How to Make a Duct-Tape Wallet

Make bookmarks, garden markers, gift wrap, decorative jars. Oct 09,  · How to Make a Duct Tape Wallet (Easy Method). Duct tape crafts are popular, and for good reasons. They are fun to make and durable when completed.

You can make them in all sorts of colors and patterns, and end up with something truly Views: K. Love duct tape crafts?

Duct Tape Crafts {Easy Gorilla Tape Craft Ideas}

Today post features two adorable and easy projects using Gorilla Tape!

Easy duct tape projects
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