Hope 2 muscular and flexibility workout log

Stretch muscles slowly and gradually progress into the stretching position. Knee Lift - Lie with your back flat on the floor. Slow twitch muscles do not expend large amounts of force, but they can sustain activity for long periods. To improve endurance, incorporate hills into your running route to help increase muscle strength.

Begin by walking to build up fitness levels. Stretch Stretching exercises increase flexibility. Hold for 10 seconds, then release and repeat. Hold for 10 seconds and then release. You can also increase the number of sets that you perform and decrease rest periods in between sets.

Neck Stretch - Touch your left ear to your left shoulder. Depending on experience and ability, aim to perform 15 to 20 repetitions with sets of 3.

Muscle endurance is the ability of muscles to perform continuous physical exertion over an extended period of time. Hamstring Stretch - Sit on the floor with your back straight. Ensure that you stretch both sides of your body.

How to Improve Flexibility and Muscular Endurance

Touch your chin to your chest. To improve flexibility, make sure that you are performing stretches correctly and that you are stretching the muscles that are your point of focus. Reach forward, lengthening your back, to touch the toe of your extended foot.

Hold each stretch for at least 10 seconds. Running Muscle endurance can be improved by engaging in cardiovascular activity. Weight Lifting Muscle endurance is increased by progressively overloading muscles.

Stretch until you feel tension, but at no stage should you feel any pain. Extend one leg forward while the other leg is bent, so that your foot touches your thigh. Use your arms to pull your legs toward your chest. Warm up before stretching by going for a 10 minute walk. The development of slow twitch muscles affects muscle endurance.

Having muscles that are flexible helps prevent injuries and soreness after physical exertion. Quadriceps Stretch - Stand up straight. Gently lean forward until you can feel tension in your thighs. Arm Stretch - Extend your left arm. Flexibility refers to the range of movement that your body performs.

Developing theses muscles increases the length of time an activity can be sustained.

Hold for 10 seconds and then repeat using the right leg.Section 4 Flexibility Workout Log Perform and log stretching exercises for all from HOPE at Florida Virtual High School%(3).

8th Grade Personal Fitness Plan 2 Week Activity Log & 1 week Food Log Name: Period: Date: Personal Fitness Contract Flexibility c. Muscular Strength d.

Muscular Endurance e. Aerobic Capacity Personal Fitness Plan Activity Log ~ Week 2.

Get access to Log 7 06 Flexibility Cardiovascular Muscular Log Essays only from Anti Essays. Listed Results 1 - Get studying today and get the grades. Muscular and Flexibility Workout Log As part of the minutes of physical activity for the Muscular and Flexibility Workout log, you must document at least three stretching workouts and three muscular mint-body.com will find instructions for these exercises as you proceed through the lessons in this topic.

Please save this document to your. MODULE TWO WELLNESS PLAN SECTION 1: GOALS hope to even get lower than that, based on the progress am making. Social oined the art club at school and am attending the meetings regularly. SECTION 3: FLEXIBILITY WORKOUT LOG FLEXIBILITY REFLECTION QUESTIONS Lying Quad Stretch Modified Hurdler's.

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Hope 2 muscular and flexibility workout log
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