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It has been a bone of contention between India and China sincewhen the Chinese government prepared plans to annex it.

But, as result of her assurance, trade and cultural contacts increased. India on the other hand insisted that China should respect the right to self-rule and settle the issue by holding negotiations with Dalai Lama.

Raised on stories of generations of fighting against imperial China, Vietnamese Communists were willing to make tremendous sacrifices and fight patiently for decades.

Useful Notes on Indo-China Relationship (with Contemporary Issues)

Peaceful co-existence It guided the basis of relationship betweenmarked by numerous visits and exchanges. Although the Tet Offensive was one of the greatest tactical victories for the U. Major Issues between India and China: During the Vietnam War, the American media did not act simply as a collaborator with the U.

It was followed by Indian President K. A Sino-Tibetan Agreement was signed in between Dalai Lama and Chinese government by which China was to have control over external affairs, trade and communications station and army, but not to interfere in internal affairs. When this power of the media became apparent, some Vietnamese civilians were able to manipulate it, as in Junewhen a Buddhist monk protesting the U.

Moreover, the Vietnamese Communist forces had a particularly able body of leaders. During the Tet offensive, prominent journalist Walter Cronkite editorialized during a nationally televised newscast that it did not look like America could win the war.

In fact, the contemporary, and foreseeble international milieu demands the two countries to cooperate with one another in establishing a multipolar world. Battling for vague Cold War principles and unwilling to make such sacrifices, the United States ultimately lacked the will to prevail in the war.

In the end, this public discontentment had concrete effects, as the antiwar movement became a prominent force and compelled Nixon to start withdrawing U. Pakistan Occupied Kashmir Boundary dispute continued to be a major irritant Nevertheless, the economic relationship continued to grow and there was exchange of visits by high level dignitaries of the two countries.

A large number of Chinese students were regular visitor of Nalanda University. Inwhen the New York Times and other newspapers published excerpts of the top-secret Pentagon Papers, public distrust of the U.

India, in the midst of Panchshila agreement did not act seriously. From toIndia and China remained apart.

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Study Questions 1 How were the Vietnamese Communist forces so effective in the face of the far wealthier, technologically superior powers of France and the United States? Later on Chinese aggressive policies led to flight of people into India. Because the attack intensified the antiwar protest movement at home and discredited President Lyndon Johnson and U.

A series of measures were proposed and accepted as confidence building measures. Ho Chi Minh, who exemplified this skillful, unified leadership, had years of experience in the West and appropriated his learning to use against France and the United States.

The two countries have ties and interactions since the ancient times. The two countries have shown commitment to tackle the threat of terrorism together by constituting a joint working group on terrorism.

Left with limited option and on account of eagerness shown by former Soviet Union, India signed Treaty of Peace, Friendship and Cooperation with Soviets. Even on issues between India and Pakistan, China has advocated mutual adjustments through negotiations. Strategically, the decentralized command structure of the Vietnamese Communist forces and the agrarian nature of the North Vietnamese economy made it difficult for U.

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This dynamic first emerged in Januarywhen journalists reported the defeat of the South Vietnamese army at the Battle of Ap Bac, contrasting sharply with official U.Outline the variety of attitudes to the war and how they changed over time in Britain and Germany essay: DOCX (N/A) TRIALS/HSC STUDY NOTES.

Extremely detailed study notes on all dot points of the HSC WWI Syllabus, including sample responses that received marks of 8+/ Notes: battle for Indo-China.

DOC (N/A). This approach removes any uncertainty in the exam room, and thus I hope my notes and essays assist you in achieving full marks in all your studies. ATAR: USA/Conflict in Indochina Essay Plans Indochina Notes.

Germany Essay Practise - Impact of the Nazi Racial Policy Modern History: National Study Influence of the German Army Yes Please. The Unwinding: An Inner History of the New America Modern History HSC Notes.

Dot Point 1 – Weimar Republic. Indochina all areas included in study notes. Band 6 essays also included. 2nd in modern history and an atar of Indochina, which includes Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos, was under French colonial rule.

The Vietnam communist-nationalist, also known as the Vietminh, fought for their freedom from the French. The French were being slaughtered, and were doing little to keep the communist North Vietnamese out of South Vietnam.

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Indochina study notes essay
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