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Hopper has proposed to Agatha, and Lord Lorton proposes to Mrs. Erlynne is planning to leave, but she wants a photograph of Margaret and her child. Lady Windermere apologises for her previous suspicion of her husband and behaviour at the party, and Lord Windermere makes clear his new contempt for Mrs Erlynne—warning his wife to stay away from her.

Lady Windermere is enraged and confused and asks Lord Darlington to be her friend. Alone with Lord Windermere, it becomes clear that Mrs. Erlynne can become respectable so that he can marry her, and is relieved to know she has been invited to the party. Though he cannot deny that he has had dealings with Mrs Erlynne, he states that he is not betraying Lady Windermere.

Erlynne reminds Margaret about her child, she decides to stay, but the Lady windermeres fan notes have to hide when Augustus, Darlington, Windermere, and a few others arrive after Augustus and Windermere were turned away from their club. Erlynne, a fascinating but notorious woman not received in the best houses.

On the other hand, love has driven him to hide his past in the desperate hope of remaining the ideal husband to his wife. Phipps is the ideal butler. Heartbroken, Lord Darlington announces that he will be leaving the country the next day and that they will never meet again, and leaves.

However, the Duchess intends no slight to Margaret, and states that her own husband has been unfaithful in the past and presumes it is just that men are incapable of living moral lives.

Continually he urges his son to marry and adopt a career, posing Sir Robert as model. He appears briefly in Act I and escorts Mrs. When Lord Augustus arrives at the end of the play, Mrs.

Wilde bridges this by theorising his modern aesthetics beneath the ornamental surface of fashion and elite society. Rather, she advises her daughter not to tell her husband that she was thinking of leaving him.

Hopper, a possible suitor from Australia. She begs Lady Windermere not to reveal her unfulfilled elopement, but to stay and have a happy marriage with her husband.

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The old dowager suggests that Lady Windermere take immediate steps to learn the nature of the relationship between the two. He ended up imprisoned for two years and, after his release, he was broke, and his life was shrouded by scandal.

Lorton also requests an annual payment from Windermere, who reluctantly accepts and leaves with her to iron out the details. Erlynne are perfectly honorable, that she is a fine but unfortunate woman who wishes to win the regard of society once more.

She shows off her new fan: Shortly after producing these critically-acclaimed works, Wilde found himself in legal trouble. Erlynne is introduced, Lady Windermere believes that she has a perfectly happy marriage with her adoring husband and young child.

The entire section is words. Erlynne over a long period of time. She intends to carry the fan at a ball she is giving that evening, a ball to which everyone of importance in London has been invited.

He informs her that his relations with Mrs. She tells Margaret that Lord Windermere has been spending time with—and money on—one Mrs. Lord Darlington refuses to co-operate, believing that Lady Windermere has come to him. Lady Basildon and Mrs. Mrs Erlynne forbids him to do so, threatening to spread shame far and wide if he does.

Lord Windermere suggests a trip to the countryside and criticizes Mrs. That relationship broke down and she has been blackmailing Lord Windermere to help her regain social status.

The guests begin to leave, and say their goodnights to Lady Windermere—some remarking positively about Mrs Erlynne. Erlynne begs Lord Windermere not to reveal her secret. She stands as foil to the virtuous and earnest Lady Ch iltern, being cast throughout the play as a sort of monstrous femme fatale.

When Wilde answered the calls of "Author! She is shocked and begs that she have time to see if her husband will renew his loyalty to her. Mrs Erlynne discovers the note and that Lady Windermere has gone, and is curiously worried by this.Lady Windermere's Fan is a social comedy, or a comedy that looks at the social norms, expectations and mannerisms of a time period.

It is also a satire, or a piece that uses humor to criticize a. Lady Windermere’s Fan Summary SuperSummary, a modern alternative to SparkNotes and CliffsNotes, offers high-quality study guides that feature detailed chapter summaries and analysis of major themes, characters, quotes, and essay topics.

Lady Windermere’s Fan, the first of Wilde’s social comedies, opened on February 20,in London to lukewarm reviews. A four-act play that employs what are often regarded in drama as cheap. lady windermere’s fan By Oscar Wilde | Directed by Karen Lund & Marianne Savell It’s the party of the social season, but instead of celebrating, Lady Windermere suspects her husband is having an affair with a mysterious and beautiful stranger.

One could perha ps draw parallels between Mrs. Cheveley and the adventuresome Mrs. Erlynne from Lady Windermere's Fan. Read an in-depth analysis of Mrs.

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Cheveley. Lord Goring - Of impeccable dress and inimitable wit, Lord Goring is the play's thirty-something dandified philosopher, an idle aristocrat who serves as a thinly veiled double for. Lady Windermere’s Fan Questions and Answers. The Question and Answer section for Lady Windermere’s Fan is a great resource to ask questions, find answers, and discuss the novel.

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