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We must rather submit ourselves to it, allowing it to react to us spontaneously, as we go about our lives. Emerson concludes Nature optimistically and affirmatively. I remembered with great delight the first time I saw the dancing patterns of the northern lights in Alaska.

This assumption is based, of course, on an underlying assumption that artists design works of art on principles of order and harmony: By the 10th century, landscape became the most important theme for traditional Chinese painters and remains so to this day.

Thoreau, Emerson, and Transcendentalism

The garden visitor completes the garden by making the connections that the designer created but left obscure. We should care our nature, make it peaceful, keep it clean and prevent it from the destruction so that we can enjoy our nature forever.

Altered perspective imparts a feeling that there is something constant within man, even though the world around him changes, sometimes due to his own action upon it. Religious Taoism incorporated new ritual practices and religious institutions into the earlier, philosophical Taosim.

This theory both underscores the difference between the incontrovertible evidence of human existence in the intellect and the questionable existence of nature as a distinct reality outside the mind, and at the same time allows us to explain nature in terms other than purely physical.

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We retain our original sense of wonder even when viewing familiar aspects of nature anew. Through the lens of a microscope one can find incredible beauty.

Facts will be transformed into true poetry. Disorder may also emerge in the encounter between the audience and the art form, and here it must also be controlled--not by the artist but by the audience.

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How does each of these works portray nature? We should not destroy the originality of the nature and should not imbalance the ecosystem cycle.

All men have access to understanding this correspondence and, consequently, to comprehending the laws of the universe. When one enters the Temple, however, one first notices the statues of four men who represent the virtues of ancient Greece--Homer the poet, Socrates the philosopher, Lycurgus the lawgiver, and Epaminondas the general--and the inscriptions above them that emphasize their importance.

Art is nature in combination with the will of man. She hums the old well-known air through innumerable variations. Nature was published in London in in Nature, An Essay.

In fact, Thoreau wrote Walden after living in a cabin on land that Emerson owned. A perfect example--and a more literal one--of the phenomenon of joining a society of insiders occurs at Stowe when a garden visitor climbs the steps and enters the Temple of Ancient Virtue in the area of the garden known as the Elysian Fields.

But it is not enough to say that nature does not have independent existence. What the Creator has created must be good, so humans in their turn must strive to know, see, and understand creation. Have them consider urbanization and suburban sprawl, the use of cars, environmentalism and recycling, state and national park land, etc.

The wise man recognizes the innate properties of objects and men, and the differences, gradations, and similarities among the manifold natural expressions. Man apprehends wholeness in the multiplicity of natural forms and conveys these forms in their totality.

Our God has created a beautiful nature for the healthy living of us. Every form of nature is very powerful which has ability to nourish as well as destroy us.

God has created everything very beautifully seeing which our eyes can never be tired. The senses and rational understanding contribute to the instinctive human tendency to regard nature as a reality.

Men tend to view things as ultimates, not to look for a higher reality beyond them. This phenomenon allows the garden visitor to take a more active role in creating the art form of the garden as he or she walks through it and to experience the "wonder" Pope refers to in the final line of the passage.

First, nature restores and gives simple pleasure to a man. To the attentive eye, each moment of the year has its own beauty, and in the same field it beholds, every hour, a picture which was never seen before, and which shall never be seen again.

This is a significant accomplishment. The message for this civilization is that we are still evolving, still in a change-state, as is all of nature.

The seasoned reader of poetry, for example, who encounters a literary allusion takes pleasure in the justness of the parallel relationship between two texts, what Johnson would call the "stability of truth.

The nature has everything for us but we do not have anything for it even we are destroying its property day by day to just fulfill our selfish wishes.Over six hundred years ago the Italian author and poet, Dante Alighieri, said “nature is the art of God.” I would be the first to affirm Dante’s sentiment but recently I have been reminded of just how outstanding God’s art revealed in nature is.

Nature of God essaysWhat is the nature of God? Belief in God shapes the way people live their lives.

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Belief in God gives people something to hope for, someone to believe in, no matter what their situation in life might be. The early Aztecs believed that only their rain god Tlaloc could relieve t. Essays on the Nature of Art You Have 0 Item(s) In Cart | My Account | Order Status | Check Out | Login Presents a theory of art which is at once universal in its general conception and historically-grounded in its attention to aesthetic practices in diverse cultures.

Argues that art, especially today, enjoys a special kind of autonomy but. Nature is the art of God I have always felt a deeper bond with nature because I believe that nature is a reflection of God’s presence. I am always stirred by nature secrecy, making me reflect on the power of the person who created it.

The Invisible Border between Art and Nature: Pope's Asethetic Principles Applied to Poetry and Landscape Gardening by John D. Tatter In this sense Pope wanted to conceal the boundaries between art and nature.

In his Essay on Criticism, for example, Pope encourages poets and critics to use nature as "the Source, and End, and Test of. Feb 20,  · Nature: The Art of God; Nature: The Art of God. I feel a profound connection to nature, which I believe reflects God’s presence in all its majesty and energy.

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