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On the basis of facts then and revealed later, it was unjustified. American posted on this site were donated by anonymous users and are provided for informational use only.

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Political violence was gaining greater visibility: These two decisions were very important in the protection of politicians as well as civilian Canadians. From to the FLQ has detonated over 95 bombs, causing a high number of injuries and millions of dollars worth of damages.

On 3 AprilTrudeau announced that Canada would stay in NATO after all, but he drastically cut military spending and pulled out half of the 10, Canadian soldiers and airmen stationed in West Germany. This results in the implementation of the War Measures Actallowing the suspension of habeas corpusgiving wide-reaching powers of arrest to police.

The negotiations between lawyers Lemieux and Demers are put to an end.

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For the second time in Canadian history — and only twenty-five years after the Gouzenko Affair — the powers of the War Measures Act were employed to suspend Canadian civil liberties in peacetime. The Irish Republican Army, Palestinian Liberation Organization, Red Brigade and a host of other terrorist organizations were responsible for bombings, hijacking planes and other acts of violence.

American term papers Disclaimer: The safety of English residents in Quebec was also a huge factor as they were the targets of many bombings and harassment. Because of all this protection and precautions, James Cross was returned safely.

The day after the Act was invoked it was calm. Perhaps if the FLQ did not murder Pierre Laporte the War Measures Act would not be invoked, but if a murder goes un-noticed, after the victim is kidnapped from his own home, then the actions will only escalate.

October Crisis Essay

It was also a brilliant success. Also Canada s distinction as a safe and secure country was on the line. The deployment of the military as an aid to civil power was very unpopular with the senior leadership of the Canadian Forces. Trudeau then accused the press and the opposition of spreading false rumours.

The fact that such incidents are continuing is a cause for concern. It was acting to maintain the rule of law because without it freedom is impossible.

All these things would definitely have changed Canada s reputation as a safe place and secure to live in, its reputation as a country that has freedom of choice.

The FLQ subsequently wanted to use his death to its advantage by convincing the government that they should be taken seriously.

In addition to uncovering the truth regarding the FLQ misleading the Quebecois, the October Crisis also helped make it clear that the Crisis needed the attention of the federal government.

When Trudeau was challenged to state just how far he would go, he defiantly stated: It also suspended the operation of the Canadian Bill of Rights. Only four per cent of those polled were opposed. When Ralfe asks Trudeau how far he would go Trudeau replies, " Just watch me ".

So I didn t have to sort of weigh Creon and Antigore in Sophocles famous play about what is more important, the State or the individual. When Robert Bourassa, the Premier of Quebec arrived, guards escorted him in, with their guns drawn; Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau was escorted in a similar way, however no guns were visible.

The act resulted in people getting arrested, 62 of those were charged and 32 of them without bail. Nearing his release, police had moved into all houses surrounding the triplex were Cross was being held.

Was the War Measures Act necessary for the October Crisis? Essay Sample

More essays like this: Sharp Shooters from the Canadian Armed Forces in position on top of all tall office buildings within a five-block radius of the Notre Dame Church in Montreal. In fact, as the situation got worse for the Quebec government to handle, it was the Premier of Quebec, Robert Bourassa, who sent a letter to Ottawa which privately requested and approved federal help by invoking the WMA Tetley, The group that took him were the Chenier Cell, a division of the FLQ who were responsible for this and many other robberies in Quebec.

The reason was the security of foreign diplomats British diplomat James Richard Cross was one of the hostages in Canada was essentially a federal responsibility. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

A special liaison staff was established at Canadian Forces Headquarters, including members of the RCMP and Ottawa police, to ensure coordination and application of resources.The October Crisis of Human Rights Abuses Under the War Measures Act Dominique Clément In an attempt to revisit and stimulate debate on the long-term ramifications of the October Crisis, the following essay examines the crisis from a unique perspective: human rights.

The War Measures Act was used during three major separate occasions: The First World War, the Second World War, and the October Crisis.

The War Measures Act (Section 4) states that any proclamation issued by the reigning monarch or the Governor General that the country is at war "shall be conclusive evidence that war, invasion, or insurrection. — Pierre Trudeau, October 16, he War Measures Act, which Pierre Trudeau invoked ten years ago this month, outlawed the Front de Libération du Québec (FLQ).

The police and armed forces needed only suspect FLQ membership to arrest anyone, anywhere in. Was Prime Minister Trudeau justified in invoking the War Measures act during the October Crisis Essay Pierre Elliott Trudeau is one of the most renowned leaders.

The October Crisis began with the kidnappings of James Cross and Pierre Laporte by the Front de libération du Québec (FLQ) in October It has since been the subject of intense debate in the media and in academic and political circles.

and only twenty-five years after the Gouzenko Affair – the powers of the War Measures Act were. The war measures act was created in and gave the government the full power to do anything in order to maintain peace and safety for all Canadian citizens.

It was only used three times in Canadian history before it was replaced by the Emergences act in

October crisis war measures act essay
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