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There should be a clear relationship between strong leadership, a caring and compassionate culture and high quality care.

I feel that once the change is made from an informal chat to a formal session then there is a requirement for a certain level of formal education and professionalism. So this gave me a structured approach for the session which allowed me to relate to each part of the GROW sequence by having the definition for each stage: To be a successful mentor, it is important that you will find ways to improve the learning environment.

There are many methods and models to assist and structure a coaching session on but I decided on using Whitmorep.

Gopee suggests that this concept has been evolving and developing since the early s, but it was formally adopted by the nursing profession in the s and subsequently by Operating Department Practitioners ODPs CODP As I found that I was concentrating more on the model than on the coachee and their thoughts.

I asked him about obstacles that could be in his way. McNair W, A vision of mentorship in practice Journal.

This is particularly important for mentors as you are guiding and shaping the practitioners of the future and we need to ensure your student takes on and displays these values.

The task revolves around two key characteristics, namely being a good role-model and being an active facilitator of learning. The teaching session included both formal and informal assessments.

That the model is best used with a light touch and as a reference should you get stuck.

He made some key decisions in what he wanted and needed that would help him such as: From the coachee perspective he was happy to participate as he felt he was losing focus and wanted to regain his drive.

From this we established that there were not any current issues that he was concerned about but he expressed an interest in potentially discussing the path to his future. Immenroth M, Burger T, et al: The final phase to unconscious competence is achieved through experience until the task becomes a habit or routine Immenroth, M, How would he overcome these limitations?

I asked him what his options were for reaching his goal which moved us into the third stage. Recognizing her individual learning style helps me to arrange her learning preferences. Who he was going to ask for help from?

Effective Mentoring and Coaching Reflection - Essay Example

These ranged from changes in work management to not being good at the job. The learner must be made feel that they are welcome and important; this way will assist the learner to incorporate themselves into the clinical environment Welsh and Swan How to cite this page Choose cite format: Conclusion In summary from reflecting on this overall experience I feel that it was worthwhile and has brought insight for me into the value of coaching in businesses.

Appendix B contains the draft notes which show some of the key points that were discussed. I had a brief pre discussion with the coachee to gain his approval for this and also to see if there was a particular goal or current issue which he would like to focus on.

Summary of what happened The first stage of the session was to agree on a appropriate goal to which the coachee had provided and we both agreed upon.

Mentorship reflection Essay

I asked him questions on what he could do that would help in achieving his goal. Key stages of the session 1.Section 1 'A mentor (in mentoring) is a dignified procedure whereby a more knowledgeable and experienced individual stimulates a accommodating position of control and promoting reflection and learning within a less experienced and conversant individual, so as to assist that individuals profession and personal development'.

Relecting on Coaching Practice Essay example Words | 28 Pages. Purpose The purpose of this assignment is to detail reflections on my performance after 12 hours of coaching or mentoring to prove my potential as a management coach or mentor.

Reflection On The Coaching Session. Background of the coaching session. The person which I have chosen to carry out a coaching session with is a structural engineer, I have previously been giving him coaching/mentoring on an informal basis daily.

Coaching reflective report draft Essay

Check out our top Free Essays on Mentoring Reflection to help you write your own Essay. Saved Papers ; Free Essays on Mentoring Reflection. Search. Mentoring Program. Career Development Plan Part II – Development of a Training and Mentoring Program Maciej Coaching and Mentoring.

Reflection is defined by Stenhouse p as ‘a capacity for autonomous professional self-development through systematic self-study'. Discuss how a coach utilises reflective practise to enhance their coaching performance.

The article “Personal coaching: A model for effective learning” (Griffiths, ) appeared in the upon her original article. Personal coaching: Reflection on a model for effective learning Kerryn Griffiths Personal Coach Northern New South Wales AUSTRALIA [email protected] while mentoring and often teaching are.

Reflection on coaching and mentoring essay
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