The focus of olive seniors gardening english literature essay

Caribbean products and identity are measured against heavily marketed and fetishized European and North American brands and are found lacking to the material benefit of the industrial powers.

Western concepts of the garden also functioned according to an economy of belonging and exclusion and, in re-creating Eden, the poem seeks to undo this exclusionary aspect of the garden and suggest an alternative, diasporic vision for the future.

Conference on Francophone Literatures. Gardens and Flowers in Contemporary Caribbean Writing. Her work has been widely taught in schools and universities internationally. U of Michigan P, Rather than the land being exploited by Westerners to serve the Genesis myth, the poem suggests that Caribbean peoples and lands must be valued in their fecundity and diversity as the source of life.

The result of this devaluation of native products is a new colonization of taste and a loss of diversity.

Chiquita is demanding restitution for European Union import quotas that limited the banana market for years, quotas that were originally instituted to protect former colonies Josling and Taylor In other words, the poem is not simply reversing colonial attitudes to valorize Caribbean culture, but is suggesting an alternate vision for the future.

Neither the European Union nor the multinational company are concerned with honouring regional commitments to banana growers in this dispute, creating another disjunction between land and people Clegg She is the recipient of numerous awards and prizes.

Writing Between the Singular and the Specific. As crops grown for colonial profit, bananas initially represented oppression bound to the land for African Caribbean slaves. Sandra Pouchet Paquet notes that, while Claude Mackay constructs the garden as an idyllic space, Caribbean women writers such as Erna Brodber, Jean Rhys, and Patricia Powell have all constructed it as profoundly divided The virtual erasure of the indigenous population and the slave labour of millions in the fields ensured that relationships with the land itself, and the practices of agriculture and horticulture were necessarily and variously associated by different Caribbean populations with dispossession, slavery and servitude […]; more rarely, with memories, pleasure, even perhaps joy.

In the poem, the banana plantation that the speaker grew up on is a source of growth and inspiration as well as disease and contamination. Global agricultural practices continue this colonial legacy, as bananas have now become the focus of a trade war between the European Union and multinational company Chiquita.

In Praise of New Travelers. Moreover, this garden contains New World plants such as corn, tomatoes, starapples, cassava, and naseberries rather than European vegetation.

Postcolonial Paradoxes in French Caribbean Writing. She is also the recipient of the Centenary Medal and the Silver Medal of the Institute of Jamaica for contributions to literature. She started her career as a journalist with the Daily Gleaner and later entered the world of publishing.

McClelland and Stewart, Beittel, Mark and Giovanna Covi. Syracuse University, New York. The plants also reflect ambivalent identity processes in the poem as the second person plural African Caribbean speaker is a resident of the Caribbean and describes country practices intimately, yet also recognizes that African Caribbean presence is a result of the displacement of indigenous peoples and their traditions and that true belonging thus remains tenuous: The garden is a vital metaphor for contemporary identity negotiations not only in its history, which addresses issues of belonging and exclusion, but also in its potential for both propagation and differentiation.

Helen Tiffin similarly describes Caribbean gardens as sites of both possibility and loss, writing that:The Focus of Olive Seniors Gardening. Meditation on Yellow.

Meditation on Red. colonial and postcolonial Literature) But, intertextuality is also used as an appropriate structural device.

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Olive Senior 2. Uploaded by. Jordy Meditation on Red. Uploaded by. Kay Douglas. Othello 5/5(2). Olive Senior was born and brought up in Jamaica and educated in Jamaica and Canada. She is a graduate of Montego Bay High School and Carleton University, Ottawa. (English/French) Summer Lightning has been a literature textbook in Caribbean schools and Gardening in the Tropics has been a poetry textbook for the CAPE syllabus as well the.

George P. Robert Frost was born in San Francisco, but his family moved to Lawrence, Massachusetts, in following his father’s death. · The Focus. The Focus Of Olive Seniors Gardening English Literature Essay.

Be it resolved the focus of Olive Senior's Gardening in the Tropics is not on the spectacular elements of nature but 2/5(1).

Nov 09,  · Jamaica's own Leonie Forbes reads from Olive Senior's poem "Mid Miss". The poem is dramatised by actor Rhoma Spencer. – Olive Senior, in the newspaper The Reluctant Interpreter “In Gardening in the Tropics the Gardens ambivalence functions as a space to negotiate the complex exchanges between colonial, post-colonial and global and to describe the contradictory impulses within current theory toward identities grounded in regional and historical.

The focus of olive seniors gardening english literature essay
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