The life and explorations of scottish explorer mungo park

Park introduced them to a vast continent unexplored by Europeans, and proposed by example that Europeans could exploit it. Park moved to Peebles, where he practiced as a doctor, having also fully qualified as a surgeon in Their position being untenable, Park, Martyn and the two remaining soldiers sprang into the river and were drowned.

He had been thought dead, and his return home with the news of the discovery of the Niger evoked great public enthusiasm.

Mungo Park (explorer)

On December 2, accompanied by two local guides, he started for the unknown interior. In it was learned that when the explorers reached the rapids at Bussa, about 1, miles below Sansanding, they were attacked by local inhabitants, and Park was drowned.

Mungo Park: Fascinating Facts About The Historic Explorer

After completing his studies, he spent a summer in the Scottish Highlands, engaged in botanical fieldwork with his brother-in-law, James Dicksona gardener and seed merchant in Covent Garden.

You must have heard about Mungo Park. The boat also escaped the many perils attendant on the navigation of an unknown stream strewn with many rapids - Park had built the "Joliba" so that it drew only a foot of water.

Park rescued him, and 20 canoes chased them. At Gouroumo seven canoes pursued them. With the assistance of a slave trader, he reached Pisania on June 10, Instead they went to Massinaa small "Paul" Peulh country where they took all the cattle and returned home.

Amadi appears to have been part of this expedition: Mungo Park was a staunch Christian, a devoted Calvinist. With the assistance of a slave trader, he reached Pisania on June 10, George Scott, a fellow Borderer, was draughtsman, and the party included four or five artificers.

Two years later Park married and practiced medicine in Peebles in Scotland until asked by the government to head a second expedition to the Niger. Alexander Anderson, his brother-in-law, was second in command, and on him was bestowed a lieutenancy.

My hope is now approaching to a certainty. Amadi then returned first to Sansanding and then to Segou. At length the British government engaged Isaaco to go to the Niger to ascertain the fate of the explorer. In February the Worcester sailed to Benkulen in Sumatra.Mungo Park (September 11, – ) was a Scottish physician and explorer of the African continent who explorations in the Niger area on behalf of the British African Association helped to open up vast territories for trade and colonization.

His exploits became iconic among explorers of Africa but while few doubt his courage and his. Mungo Park was a Scottish explorer who attempted to explore the true course of the Niger River.

He is believed to have been the first Westerner to travel to the central portion of the Niger River. Famous for his adventures on the hazardous explorations he undertook, he lost his life in his attempt to find the source of the Niger Of Birth: Selkirkshire.

Mungo Park--a Scottish surgeon, and explorer--was sent out by the 'Association for Promoting the Discovery of the Interior of Africa' to discover the course of the River Niger. Mungo Park: Fascinating Facts About The Historic Explorer Mungo Park is a very popular and historical name whenever you talk about the exploration of the African continent.

He was a Scottish surgeon and explorer. Meet Scottish explorer Mungo Park at He made two expeditions to modern-day Mali and Nigeria searching for the source of the Niger River. Scottish explorer Mungo Park (–) wrote Travels in the Interior Districts of Africa about his expeditions to find the source of the Niger Sep 10, Mungo Park Explorer Mungo Park / Explorers.

Name: Park ; Born: ; Died: ; Category: Explorers ; Finest Moment: Mapping the upper reaches of the Niger. Born 10 September at Foulshiels in the Yarrow Valley, Park was a neighbour and contemporary of the future Sir Walter Scott.

The life and explorations of scottish explorer mungo park
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