Will you obtain the american dream if you work hard

All I care about is providing good service to my clients. Non-whites and females have to work much harder to get to the same place as a Caucasian male. Walk to the library and start reading.

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If your dream is a government check then accept how large that check is and live with it. As Malcolm X understood, to achieve, you cannot rely on anyone but yourself, and so long as you accept handouts, you will continue to be a beggar.

American Dream Quotes

Which one has the best chance of achieving the American Dream during their lifetime? Get sick and file for bankruptcy? To others it may be religious freedom or perhaps the chance for something good to happen to them or success or even good health.

The American Dream is to live, to breathe, to cry, to love, and to imagine the possibilities. Race is a good crutch for those who do not succeed. This congress forgot their oath when they took office.

It is what it is until their is equality and equal opportunity for everyone. People spend way to much time being worried about what some else has and not enough time trying to get it for themselves.

It is so ingrained in the system, that many well intentioned people do not see it.

American Dream Quotes

Stop wearing your pants down to your ankles. Look for warning signs at your job and act first. It may be skilled trades training.

There has also been an extensive decrease of state support for public colleges over the years. And "Change" is still the hope and dream of the young adult and their parents.

Texas has the lowest unemployment at 7. This way of life tends to relate to employment. Realize that an assault has been taking place on individual rights, unions, Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security. We need to fix this problem NOW.

It is harder for blacks and espainics to succeed in the southeast due to perceptions by the majority of the white population.

And quite frankly, nobody really thinks they count beyond republicans who will gladly take their votes.

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Yes, losing your job and having to move back in with your parents is an awful thing. I have African American friends who have gotten death threats from racist people and yes in Carefully ponder all the things that could affect the chances for each of these babies and you will answer your own question.

Even if you are in the military you may not succeed. You want to have a nice family, be out of debt, and be happy. Now that a sizeable group of citizens have now decided to share the rights written about and died for.The American dream is “the ideal that every US citizen should have an equal opportunity to achieve success and prosperity through hard work, determination, and initiative.” So is the American dream still out there or is it now just a dream?

Jun 14,  · Is the American dream real? Can it really be obtained? 1 following. 10 answers if you work hard enough, you CAN obtain it -- or at least obtain YOUR version of the American Dream. And don't ever let anyone tell you can't!

luvrats · 1 decade ago. mint-body.com: Resolved. Data show the “American Dream” is a fallacy and Americans still don’t realize it By Dan Kopf January 13, Americans continue to kid themselves that if you work hard you can climb the ladder.

Even Americans Can't Afford the American Dream. Millions across the country and around the world bought into the idea that hard work and determination in the U.S.

could turn this socioeconomic. Jul 11,  · Race should have nothing to do with achieving the American Dream, but reality says that the culture of the various races that make up America does have an influence on that achievement.

Sure hard work gets you a lot of places, but couple that with a contribution to your college tuition or down payment on a house from your parents. “The American Dream” definition is from a commonly used phrase dating back to Declaration of Independence.

It has always represented the possibility for individuals to succeed and live a life of wealth and comfort, made possible by both the political and economic attitudes in the USA and the individual’s own hard work.

Will you obtain the american dream if you work hard
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