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On the other side, Woodmere is the reputed organisation with the leading-edge logistics strategies in distribution channels.

Hence, there is a high likelihood that the strategy would also work for Woodmere and Home Help.

Questions on Woodmere Rroduct Case Study?

Increasing in cost may give adverse effect to traditional customers who see time-based strategy like oversea and penalty cost. This implies that there is a high likelihood of increasing profitability by forming an alliance with Woodmere Company. These tasks need to be performed so that the proposal can be implemented in a better way which will be well defined.

It is thus advisable to stick by a strategy that has proven to be successful Muilerman, One of the benefits of this proposal is that it would enable both companies to increase their sales and profitability. After all the research has been done in details, the proposal should be shown to the audience to receive feedback from them HomeHelp has been concerned about the lagging of furniture industry in terms of logistics operations, and they have a great interest in collaborating directly with window fashions manufacturer which is believed to be a solution to improve profitability.

It is essential to communicate to all parties involved concerning the potential benefits and barriers to the proposal. Moreover, the image of the company would be greatly enhanced.

It is also stated that the key retailers need similar investment and the need of continual technological upgrading is necessary. What other factors need to be considered?

The proposal would benefit Home Help by providing shorter timetables that would not only reduce the cost of rescheduling but also improve cash flow and efficiency in product delivery. What are the benefits and barriers short- and long-term to this proposal for both Woodmere and HomeHelp?

Furthermore, this strategy require a quite big investment in compatible technology. Both Woodmere and Home help should take into consideration to have a throughout financial analysis of the proposal.

However, while this cost surges significantly, the remarkable decrease in other costs such as: Home Help is considering forming an alliance with a manufacturing company based on the fact that other firms have reported success by using logistic applications.

Supply Chain & Distribution Management: Woodmere & HomeHelp

What other factors need to be considered? If I were home help, I would accept the proposal. Write a paragraph response to each question, and include references and in-text citations for any sources used to back up your points, including other sections of the textbook. According to Propartners indication, HomeHelp is facing with increase in customization orders.

In conclusion, as per the proposal, the adoption of time-based logistics strategies would benefit both Woodmere and Home Help companies. Several firms that have adopted the strategies have reported success. Delft University Press Science Read times.

Though this strategy may be profitable for some companies, the other companies can suffer extreme looses by implementing it. After conducting the research, the proposal should be exposed to a larger audience. If you were HomeHelp would you accept or reject the proposal? The proposal will thus also be recognized in a transparent way.

This is a stage where any flaws or mistakes made in the proposal are corrected.Woodmere Products Home Health Case Study Answers launch variously strategies, with wild coverage of products via extended channels in more regions/counties. • Because of debt free strategy, the company had limited investment in R&D.

Time-Based Logistics The case revolves around a sales representative for a top furniture manufacturer, named John Smith. John has had a chance to interact with Nan Peterson, the leader of a product team at a furniture decorating company called Home Help.

Home help is concerned by the fact that furniture industry as a whole seems to be lagging behind in terms of logistics operations. Answer-1 In the given case study making a business proposal towards market research is the first step that Woodmere and Home help will undertake when analyzing the business proposal.

After all the research has been done in details, the proposal should be. User posted a question Questions on Woodmere Rroduct Case Study? Help me with the answers of the woodmere case study on what are the benefits and barriers of short and long term to this proposal for both woodmere and HomeHelp and If you were HomeHelp would you accept or reject the proposal.

WOODMERE CASE STUDY. The major business propositions for Woodmere and HomeHelp to consider in evaluating this proposal. The major business proposition for Woodmere and HomeHelp to consider in evaluating this proposal is to establish strategic collaboration between retailer and manufacturer in order to create the best exercises for logistic system as well as reduce costs and stock level/5(1).

October 14, Brose Case Study 1. What is the Brose Groups business and what are the critical success factors (CSF’s) in a business like Brose’s? [lists] a) The Brose Groups business Supplies auto mobile parts such as windows, doors, seat adjusters, and so on to more than 40 auto brands Runs 45 factories in 25 different countries.

Woodmere case study answers
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